THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

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  • What ya'll ordering for the Platform? Can ya'll believe no one chose pizza? 🍕 SMH

  • I think that she was an illusion because why didn’t her mom just bring her up before if she really existed

  • can someone explain to me what thrimagasi meant when he said that there will be less people soon ?( speaking of the people above him since he said he understood it when he was at level 8)

  • So eventually there are two possible ending to this movie.
    After reading the comments and theories, it means that of the mission failed the system will still go on: seeing that the panna cotta with the hair was a misconception of the real message from down below. Thinking that people didn't eat it because of the hair, as of just a minor problem which they failed to see the bigger problem.
    And if the mission succeeded, the girl was sent above. Might be a secret in the system being exposed and will be taken seriously. Like maybe the system would end or changed into a better way.

    This movie is…
    An eye opener?
    Or an introduction to something?
    Either way, I enjoyed the whole concept and it was fun making theories and sharing and gaining different views~

  • I'm glad I watched the summary rather than the movie. I don't need a 2 hour movir with an ambiguous ending to get the message.

  • The fact that Goreng chooses the novel of Don Quixote de la Mancha is symbolic. Goreng even physically looks like Don Quixote. The book symbolizes the struggle of a common man to defend the helpless in society, against the wicked in society. The “Platform” takes place in a dystopian society plagued by the massive greed and selfishness of the top 1%. The film is a shot at capitalism, and the evils of pure capitalism. It’s not a coincidence that those at the top are called the "Administration" in the movie, much like the Trump administration. The child rising to the top can symbolize the change that can be brought by the youth of society, those most willing, and those that have not given up to the reality of the situation and have become complacent like everyone else.

  • Today I watched this movie and the only thing I can tell you about this movie is that it is F*CKING GROSS!! https://www.isay.wtf/latest-movies/the-platform-2019/

  • Definitely a good watch and ironic how its released at this time in life we are all going threw

  • My theory is that the girl represents the future generation. How people should bring about a change for the future generations. It shows that a child is the only innocence left, and a child is the most important message that can be left. Even in our society atrocious acts towards children gain importance more than anything else, it's a way of uniting people. Example the child crying in the ambulance in Syria became a symbol throughout the world of how people are suffering there

  • what exactly did you explain

    1. the girl's mother had been in the hole for 9 months and she entered alone according to the interviewer, so the girl couldn't been born in the hole
    2. the mother was still looking for her and killing every roomate in her cell every month so she had a chance her next month's roomate could be her child. this means she didn't meet the girl in the hole yet

    So i can't understand:
    1. where did that girl come from?
    2. how did she survive in the 333th fckin floor (for months i assume since we saw hole laws didn't apply) and how did she have not a single scar
    3. how the fck does this child represent a message? what kind of message is it?

    the only thing i can think of is that child didn't ever exist, this man was hallucinating af and there was no fckin message and no fckin change as in the real world xd

  • By just reading some of these comments I’ve definitely got to watch this later tonight! 👍🏾

  • But the platform ascends so fast that the little girl might actually… you know…. inertia and all that…

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