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#tintuc24hol #tintuc #corona (VTC News) – Sáng 28/3, Bộ Y tế công bố thêm 6 ca mắc Covid-19, trong đó...

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VTC1 | Theo cập nhật từ Bộ Y tế tới 15h ngày 7/3, Việt Nam đã có bệnh nhân nhiễm...

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Điều tra vụ án mạng trong đêm tại Đồng Nai



| Truyền Hình Nhân Dân Xem Tin Tức hấp dẫn, Tổng Hợp Video Mới nhất về #thoitiet – Tin Thế...

Everything Kylie Jenner Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR


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“If there was a face of hangry, it would be me,” Kylie Jenner, the 22-year-old beauty mogul, says in our...

  • Too many injuries and defense is bullcrap. Jose managed to achieve a nice comeback in the league, of course the players are tired and won't perform at the highest level against Leipzig without injuries. Everyone here criticizing forgot poch dropped the team performance.

  • Dele's first touch and the ball usually loops up in the air and Moura's first touch the ball flies away about three metres. This is a basic skill which neither player has yet mastered. Lamela has the same problem but once he has got control he just runs till he loses the ball. This is school playground stuff – yet these are supposed to be highly paid professionals. Clearly they aren't coached properly and dont practice enough.

  • What a scumbag, to throw a young player like Ndombele under the bus and blame him, the buck stops with you, Mourinho, with you not with. a 23 year old lad new to the Premiership.

  • Y Is This Cunt Smiling? When He Was at Chelsea ,He Had A Frosty Relationship With The Press At Best,,He Would React At Even The Mildest Criticisms Of His Beloved Chelsea And He NEVER EVER Laughi And Joked At a Press Com,If They Lost, They Lost To Nowrich In The Cup He Laughed With The Press They Lost To Manu,,,He Laughed With The Press,,They Lost Twice To Chelsea He Laughed ,,Thick as U All R U see Where I.m Going Right,,,And Y? Cos He Does not Care,,I Said Before He Openly Dissed Tottenham On More Than One Occasion Whilst At Chelsea,, Claiming In One Interview Prior To The Game At The Old Hart Lane,, Shortly Before Tottenham Hammered Them 5_ 1 I think It Was,,. 4_0 Up At Half Time Game Was Done…He Said Quote Could Of Joined Spurs But There Not Good Enuff For Me,,,Or Words To That Effect,,And That Was.nt The First Time He Slagged The Club,,, How Quickly The Feeble Spurs Fans And Higher Echelons At The Club Forget,,, There Good Enuff Now Through,,,Noone Else Wanted Him Or Needed Him,,Least Non Of The Really Big Clubs,,,Yet In Comes Spurs With There Brand New Stadium And A team Littered With England Internationals,, ( Well Use to) No Doubt An Inflated Wage Packet,,, Just So He Can Laugh When They Lose,, Well Guess What Tottenham's Finished Now,,,There Nowhere Near Good Enuff To Finish Anywhere Near The Too 6 Let Alone Top 4.. For The First Time In 5 Years, Morinho As Drained Away There Confidence,,Which Potch Put There,,There Fragile When They Were Strong,,,he.s Made Them Easy To Beat,,Manu,,Will Crush Them Westham Will Embarrass Them,,,And Cunt Faced Morinho Will Do What He Does,,,LAUGH At Press Conferences,,, He Doesn't Give A Fuck,,,It Could,by Be Worse If They Gave The Job To A Die Hard Arsenal Player,,,Sort Of Shameless Thing Levy And His Crew Would Do, They Should All Be SACKED,

  • Welcome to the result of Spurs not being backed in the transfer market by ENIC and cheap ass offers when close to signing. There have been moments where all of these players have shown something but it’s no good having a team that is so inconsistent and there it is.. Tottenham’ actual motto ‘Consistently inconsistent’. If only I could break free of the eternal hope I am shackled by

  • he is a joke, the sooner Levy realises his mistake and has the balls to sack this fool the better.

  • Mourinho you are a rubbish coach… no flair no passion … all you are is a puppet that knows how to talk… poch at least would have played parrot to change things around… each cross into the box has no one on the end of it …

  • If you know you can’t bench tanganga and aurier then you should be fired. Your so shit morinho.

  • FFS, how cute is Dele?!

    I'm feeling optimistic. 2-1 Spurs, and we'll be loving it.

  • Mourinho is, and still will be a great! good luck next season hope they keep you – you and they deserve it!!! I'm with you and spurs 100%

  • The only problem with this club is the owners , and how tight they are. The Mangers of this team will always have a very hard task. Wages are ridiculous compared to other clubs. To get any decent players here , will only happen when they are nearly retiring.

  • Perhaps a future Allez Allez chant? 👀

    We’ve concord all of a England,

    More fucking history then you,

    The first to do the double,

    In 1962,

    Pochettino and Nicholson,

    The streets near white heart Lane,

    You’ll forever hear us singing,

    Yid Army is our name,

    Allez,Allez, Allez,Allez

  • I am holding judgment on Jose until after his tenure. Simple put. Jose has been brought in to win trophies. If he does it he is a success

  • Pretty sure it's gonna be like a 3-1 or 2-1 loss. We're gonna score near the 90th minute or something.

    I'm just tired of supporting this team. Not because of the results, but I just see no heart in the team. We kinda go into every game half heartedly. Only start attacking when we are behind. The build up is sluggish. One of the forwards is having a terrible game always and stops all the attacks.

    Defense is terrible overall. No one wants to show any aggression. Our team, like Jose said is too nice and gives too much respect to the opponents. I think that's cos the players at our club, just have a small club mentality. And that's what we probably are. Just a small club!

    No doubt we have won nothing in the past 12 years and keep bottling everything.

  • 무리뉴 감독님 요즘 부쩍 힘들어보인다..😢
    마음고생 많이 한듯..
    어려운 시기지만 토트넘 선수, 감독, 코치분들 모두
    힘냈으면 좋겠어요..!!! #COYS

    그와중에 우리 Dele 잘생겼네~ 😍

  • Me crying because i know we will lose. But seeing mourinho this glad makes me happy.

  • People are no longer betting on whether Spurs win,but on who will be the next player to be injured. 10/1 Alli 8/1 Lucas.

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