Everyone needs to relax about Xbox Series X and PS5 specs

With both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs out in the wild, let’s take a second to realize how much of the next generation of consoles is still unknown.

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  • I like being able to expand the storage easily and affordably, PS has always been good for that.

  • 4k HDR recording and photo and video transfer from phone and more apps and video making options 5g WiFi 3d sound better dobly atmos

  • Look at ps4 pro n xbox one x teraflops was minimal I reckon they will be not much difference in look I reckon ps5 will be miles faster than series x
    On paper xbox series x better but who knows
    Look at ps4 and xbox one in 2013.
    I'll be getting ps5 as games usally good and friends

  • Xbox Series X=52CU PS5=36CU. Its like an RTX 2080 TI vs RTX 2070. I would buy the Xbox Series X end of story.

  • I agree all this flame wars on which console is better is disgusting. If you like PlayStation or Xbox then enjoy it. The console you like will always be the best one. I will drive this home, the best console is the one you enjoy playing

  • Realistically the ps5 will likely hover around 9tf of performance. It's not meant to run constantly in boost mode. Cerny only stated figures on ps5 running at absolute peak performance which it will never maintain.

  • Did this guy really make this video, what a clown. You can tells he is a Sony fanboy and mad about the weakstation5. He made no video when the Xbox was being trashed in 2013. Its funny that PS needs so much quality control. Just that fact makes you know what console is better. I will get both but will wait for the PS5 Pro with the 13TFLOP everyone was talking about 2 weeks ago.

  • PS 5 wins simply is won't be much weaker than the Xbox but it will have better 1st party games and will be cheaper. If its 100 cheaper, Xbox will have already lost the next gen. The only people who care Xbox is more powerful are Xbots.

  • Nope, the media and especially the ps fanboys made this generation all about power and now they are crying and damage controlling😂😂😂

  • I don't care about any console's specs most of my friends are on PlayStation,and if I'm able to play my PS4 games on the PS5 then I'll get the PS5 no need to buy an Xbox and re-buy games.

  • You're idea of what 'everyone' is worried about shows you up to be the clueless self involved twit that you are. You really have no idea.

  • I have an xbox 1 and I was more than ready to jump ship to the ps5, but I got to be honest… the specs aren't quite up there with Xbox so its making me second guess my decision. Only way to really know what all these numbers mean is when we get the side by side comparisons and even then, there has to be a huge difference in graphics for my to stick with Xbox. Why do I want to move to PS5? Well its not even about the games really, its just 90% of all console streamers are on ps5 and I would like to actually participate in the events they do.

  • Lol these "both r similar" vids make me laugh

    If you were building a PC what would you want

    A very strong cpu/GPU
    A weaker one that's overclocked but still slower than the first

  • Did this dude really just call the Xbox interface bad? Guy, the PS4 has the same interface that my PSP had in 2004.

  • Are you kidding me? CNET wants to tell its base to shut up?! Having a discussion about the information your entire business model is built to deliver is a point of contention for you to the point where you make a video being this unprofessional, pretty bad taste man. You are demeaning us for enjoying the fun, complaining, pledging allegiances, debating. This entire vidoes concept undercuts your mission. Bad call. I want an apology. Seriously.

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